Tapes with printings

6. October 2016


Our customers are offered with transparent  white and brown adhesive tapes. At extra cost,  we also offer colour adhesive tapes – in yellow, orange, red, green and blue.

Tapes printed  with the company logo could be used  for packing of the cardboard boxes. It serves as an advertisement and also as protection against unauthorized opening of the packages. Because online game Lucky Joker is a kind of rare aesthetic works that is extraordinary and certainly brilliantly good, whereas additionally being very interesting with big bonuses.

Sizes of the tapes

Most common sizes are 48mm, 50mm and 75mm. However,  we can also offer tapes in size (width): 25mm, 37,5mm, 100mm and 150mm.

Thickness of the foil / thickness of the tape

28 microns foil + 21g of glue

32 microns foil + 21g of glue

Tolerance within the thickness of the foil and glue is +-5%.

All the adhesive tapes have acrylic glue, produced on water base with good adhesion at the  room temperature.

The inner diameter of the hollow is 76 mm.

Lenght of a roll

Tape roll is standardly 66m long. We can offer up to 990m long tapes  or other sizes according to a customer’s specific requirements.



1-3 colors

Graphic design

For the printing, it is necessary to provide graphic data in vector shape in Corel, version X5 or in a lower version in curves or in formats: PDF, AI, EPS, SVG.

In case you do not have the graphic design, we can provide it to you – up to its final form.


Non-adhesive tape which is mostly used for marking the   area boundary   (e.g. at  various events such as promotion of the company).

Material: LDPE foil

Size of the tapes: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm or 150mm

Recommended lenght of the roll: 250m


We are specialized inthe  production and printing of the self-adhesive labels on the rolls from  different materials (paper, foil). We offer:

  • labels with printing (from labels with basic printing (text only), up to labels for mineral waters, soft drinks, wine, spirits and other liqiuds for food, chemical and agricultural industry),
  • labels without printing,
  • labels suitable for freezing boxes, resistant to moisture and cold.

We can produce labels also in smaller amounts , however within higher quantities and regular orders we can offer price discounts.