Safety bags

6. October 2016


Safety products are designed for  the following target groups:

  • banks
  • security companies
  • transport companies
  • E-shops
  • pharmaceutical and health companies
  • courier companies
  • airlines
  • dining companies
  • shipping companies
  • mail-order businesses
  • railway transport industry

To ensure the safety of the transportation of your valuable products where a higher level of security is required, we offer you plastic safety packing. It is sealable by simple manipulation without using any   machines or tools.

All our safety packigings and discreet envelopes are made of high quality materials, resistant to chemicals, normal temperatures (from – 25 ° C to + 40 ° C)and are fluid-resistant. The unique code marking of the envelopes guarantees the control, issuance and register of the packing.

By choosing our plastic safety bags and safety envelopes, you  get thetop product with security features which  reliably reveal any unauthorized handling with transported valuables.

  • Material: white, black&white, transparent LDPE
  • Print: any according to specification, pantone range, max. 8+8 color print
  • Specifics: print of CIBL codes in the types 128 and 39, EAN codes, system / serial numbers, perforation of the envelopes,…


Adhesive strips used in safety bags

Safety (blue) adhesive stripe

After the sealing and consequent unsealing, the text „AVOID OPENED“ is left on the stripe. Thank to this, any attempt of unauthorized breach is visible.

bags_01-1-300x212 bags_02-300x212


Singl use  basic adhesive stripe

Also provides security against the unauthorized breach of the packing, as the strip can not be unstick without visible damage on the packing. The advantage of this stripe is its lower price.


Specific requirements

 Application of microperforation and other types perforation of the goods according to customer’s requirements, suitable  at money transport e.g. for the bags in briefcases  which applies colouring liquid in the case of unauthorised breach  into the briefcase leaving thus the notes  devalued,

  • bags with detachable identification stripes,
  • the part of the bag detached by perforation serves for the identification and register where the individual part can be kept by a logistic company  or a  person delivering the goods for the purpose of register; the bags are mostly used for night safes,

–  print of system serial number and its respective bar code.

Sample of  perforation: