6. October 2016

Target customer groups

Our foils are suitable for products packing  in the following areas:

Food industry products:

  • Deep frozen fruits, vegetables, bakery and pasta oven_ready food products, ice lollies
  • Powder products (cocoa, coffee, milk powder, instant soups, spices, semolina,…)
  • Sweet and salty snacks (peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, potato chips, crisps …)
  • Biscuits, waffles, sweets
  • Chocolate and wholegrain bars
  • Dried fruits, vegetables
  • Cheese aned meat products (vacuum packed)
  • Pasta, pulses, grains, cereals, rice
  • Foils (caps) suitable for sealing of plastic cups, tubs and other plastic containers ( cheese, meat, dairy products)
  • Labels for bottles

Products in the chemical industry:

  • Washing powders,
  • Refill packs for liquid detergents,
  • Soaps,
  • Packaging for pesticides and chemical sprays,…

Pharmaceutical industry products:

  • tablets, powders,…


  • dry food
  • other delicacies for animals

Gardening products:

  • packaging for substrates, manure, soil
  • seeds for planting
  • powder chemicals

Hygiene products:

  • diapers, sanitary towels,
  • napkins, tissues, toilet paper

Products for gardeners and agriculture – UV stable foils

  • silage films
  • foils under vegetables, fruits and bushes, suitable for gardens and greenhouses (gardening black and white reflective foil , gardening white foil)
  • packings for soil, substrates, fertilizers
  • foils for packing of hay and straw – white, UV stable

Products in automotive industry:

  • plastic tyre bags, protective covers for interior,
  • foils, sacks , bags for packaging various car parts and accessories

Products in construction industry:

  • stretch hoods foils and heat shrinkable foil designed for fixation of the goods placed on pallets (tiles, cement, bricks, curbs, blocks, concrete parts,…)


  • packiging of other industrial , consumer goods and building materials, white goods, furniture and wood products.